Charoltte and her dad

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My dad was a Chicago weatherman for more than 40 years. He not only loved broadcasting, he loved the people that he met daily in his line of work. He made speeches at Chicago and suburban schools often twice a day, five days a week, before work. He loved meeting people: children, teachers, waitresses, service people, clergy, postmen. Inevitably, people recognized him wherever we went. Some greetings were gracious and cautious with a polite autograph request. Others were a hearty shout across the room: "Hey, Harry! What's the weather!?" It never mattered, however, what type of greeting was sent. My father always cordially responded to his fans and returned the greeting.
Over the years, I have met hundreds of baby boomers who tell me my father came to their grade school. Amazingly, each person who tells me this story also recounts how great they felt the day my dad came to their school. This is what I have learned from him and have modeled in my life. It is how you interact with people on a daily basis that leaves a lifelong impression. 

— Charlotte, Des Plaines, Illinois