Q: My sister-in-law is posting pictures of my infant son on Facebook. I understand that they're accessible only to her "friends," but it makes me uneasy. Is there a nice way to ask her to take them down, or am I overreacting?

A: Yes, there is a nice way for you to ask her to take them down???by copping to overreacting. Because you are a little, and you need to recognize her lovely intention. Try saying: "It means so much to me that you love your nephew and want to show him off. I know I might sound like a crazy-protective mom, but I feel uncomfortable having photos of him out there. Would you humor me by taking them down or using a more private service?"
— Faith Salie, host, public radio's Fair Game podcast

There are very good reasons to be wary about anything posted on the Web. You have no control over what kind of people she may permit to "friend" her or who might eventually see the photos. But call her to deliver the message; don't use Facebook. That will establish that you're serious.
— Jack Marshall, president, ProEthics

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