It's easier than ever before to get involved in and stay involved in an emotional affair. Many men and women work together, travel for business together and forge close relationships. You can keep in touch by phone, text or instant message. Many affairs begin via the Internet. Social networking sites have allowed people to reconnect to friends from their past, as well as find new people interested in developing a relationship.

With all the availability and temptation, how can you protect yourself from drifting into an emotional affair?
  • Don't flirt. Flirting leads to attractions and warm feelings you will start to crave.
  • Be aware when at work and on the Internet. These are high-risk places where emotional affairs typically start.
  • Look out for the state of your marriage. You are more vulnerable to an affair when you are dissatisfied with your current partner.
  • Don't go out alone with an old lover. If you have nothing to hide, include your partner.
  • Don't hang out with others who cheat. Your moral compass can be swayed if it gets reinforced by the behavior of others.


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