After their one-on-one conversation, Elizabeth takes Oprah on a tour of their home. Outside their indoor basketball court, Oprah sees John and asks a few questions about his wife's revealing memoir and their marriage.

Oprah: What is your impression of the book? We know that you read it.

John: I think that it is thoughtful and heartfelt. Yes, I read it as it was given birth, so I read pieces of it as it was going along.

Oprah: So when you read the completed book and finished the last chapter, you said what?

John: I think it's how she feels, what's inside her. I never suggested that she change anything.

Oprah: Do you feel like you all have gotten to a good place now?

John: I feel like we are getting to a good place. It's not over, but I think we are getting to a good place.


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