While John came clean about his affair, there's one matter that remains a mystery. In 2008, the other woman gave birth to a little girl. Oprah says there's great speculation that John is the father of that baby.

Though Elizabeth says she's seen a picture of the baby, she doesn't know if John is the biological father. "It doesn't look like my children," she says. "But I don't have any idea."

Oprah: You must have thought, "It is or is it not?"

Elizabeth: Actually, there's not much reason for me to. This is the part where you have to concentrate on your own life. Whatever the facts are doesn't change my life, in a sense.

Oprah: Number one, have you asked him, "Is it his child?"

Elizabeth: He has told me, you know, he's talked to me about questions that people ask and things like that, and he doesn't know any more than I know about this.


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