I am 42 years old, had a radical hysterectomy two years ago, and take an antidepressant everyday. I did not need chemo or radiations, however I do not take hormone replacement therapy. I have absolutely no desire at all. Any suggestions? I have not reached an orgasm in years (I've been married for 14), but at least I desired sex before.
— mbmarling

You are not alone. Many women experience a drastic change in libido and sexual function following a hysterectomy—especially a complete hysterectomy where your ovaries were removed. First of all, doctors have still not completely mapped the the crucial nerves and blood vessels that are central to sexual function in women so they don't know what they are cutting/disturbing during a hysterectomy. In addition, most doctors don't inform their patients that with the loss of ovaries they will likely experience a lowering of testosterone which will affect libido and sexual response and a change of intensity of orgasm when the uterus is removed, especially since it's a key part of orgasmic intensity for women who have vaginal orgasms. Talk to your doctor and tell them what you are experiencing and weigh the risks of going on hormone therapy. Also consider talking to your doctor about the possibility of using Viagra, Ciallys or Levitra to enhance blood flow and sensation during sex. In addition consider a sex therapist who can help you with tools to enhance your sexual interest and response. Best of luck!
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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