My spouse and I are in our early fifties, and sex is boring for both of us, or at least for me. If I never have sex again it would be ok with me. My spouse isn't aroused even when simulated orally, he does not have erectile dysfunction. Love making for me is similar to one of the scenes in The Color Purple when Mister went to bed with his new bride, or the scene from Waiting to Exhale when one of the girls went to bed with the guy who thought he was a sex machine.

I am comfortable with my body and healthy sexually. There isn't any anatomical issues that would keep me from enjoying love making, even though emotionally I could use some help. I feel that we need a few more years of the physical before totally giving in to the hand holding and rocking chair season of life. After all, my grandparents were physically active well into their seventies.
— yuyurandle

Hi there!

It is not at all uncommon for men to struggle with low libido. We are seeing more and more of this, most likely because the taboos are being lifted and men (and women) are coming forward. Men can experience andropause, especially in midlife, when there is a drop in testosterone which will affect desire and sexual enjoyment. However this almost always goes along with erectile dysfunction. It sounds like your husband has low libido, perhaps caused by stress (typically it's financial or work related) or depression or even relationship conflicts. I encourage you to talk about your feelings, how you miss your intimacy, and encourage him to see a urologist just to check for hormonal issues. You can even make the appointment for him. Good luck!
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.


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