Sex therapist Dr. Laura Berman addresses your questions, and there's nothing off limits!
How can I help my husband to enjoy sex more?

What's the best vibrator for a G-spot orgasm?

After a radical hysterectomy, I've lost my sex drive. Any suggestions?

I was sexually abused as a child. How do I keep that from negatively affecting my sex life?

Is it possible to not have a clitoris? 

Is female ejaculation real?

I was raped for 11 years. I've done a lot of healing, but my sex drive is still suffering. How can I break free? 

What do I need to do to achieve a vaginal orgasm? 

I lost my desire for sex after having a baby. What can I do to jump-start my sex drive? 

My husband is turned off by kissing, but I love it. Is there anything he can do to get over it? 

How can my husband and I talk to you or find a good sex therapist in our area? 

I was a virgin until marriage, and now that I'm married I don't desire sex. How can I start to feel more sexual? 

Help! I've never had an orgasm. 

I am in premenopause. Is there anything I can do about vaginal dryness? 

My husband was sexually abused as a child. How do we go about seeking help and developing a sex life not destroyed by the past?

How can I get my husband to stop acting like a child and start being a man so that I can be sexually attracted to him?  

A Message from Dr. Berman 
I wish I could stay here all night and keep answering all the amazing questions. Thank you everyone for posting them and sharing your stories. I will try to come back another time and get to more of you. Until then, don't be scared and sweep these problems under the rug. You were brave enough to come out today, and they aren't going to go away on their own. You deserve the love and intimacy you desire, and it is always possible to get there, especially when both you and your partner are motivated to do so—so get the help you need. Thank you for watching, and here's to great sex. You deserve it! 
—Dr. Berman
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