Vicki describes where she found her son, Nic Sheff.

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One of the lowest lows Nic says he had was when he decided to steal a computer from his mother, Vicki. "I was sitting here having coffee, and then I heard this strange mumbling noise in the garage," Vicki says. "The place was trashed. I was walking over clothes, books, everything. I looked up—he was in the rafters, just sitting there with all these clothes on him, and mumbling and not making a lot of sense."

Nic explains that he thinks he was experiencing amphetamine psychosis and was blacked out for most of the episode. "I'd seen [crystal meth] make other people go crazy, and it never really made me go crazy in that way, but I think that was the first time it did," he says. Nic says that during his psychosis he thought people were outside of the garage trying to spy on him. "I remember climbing up into the rafters and trying to peel off the shingles on the roof to try to climb out through the roof, which didn't work."