Nic Sheff as a teenager

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Over the years, David's dreams for his son began to slip away. Drugs like acid, mushrooms, ecstasy and cocaine became the center of his son's world. Then, when Nic turned 18, he says he tried crystal methamphetamine.

"The first time I did a line of crystal, it was like my whole world changed," Nic says. "I just felt confident and strong and like I could do anything. I felt like a rock star. It was like everything I'd been missing my whole life, and I wanted to hold on to that feeling because it was exactly what I needed."

Nic's euphoric feeling didn't last long. Hours after his first hit, he came crashing down from the high. "I remember lying in my bed, and I was sweating the drug out of my body, and I was shaking," he says. "It was just this intense, horrible, wrenching pain like someone had come in with a vacuum cleaner and just sucked out every good feeling that I'd ever had in my whole life."

After that day, Nic says he used crystal meth constantly because he was afraid of crashing again. His addiction began to consume his life and take a toll on every member of his family.

"Methamphetamine stole his soul," David says. "Our lives descended, Nic's life descended, into what can only be described as hell."