Beth and Martin Johnson

Ages: 43 and 42

Years married: 20

Occupations: Independent school admissions director; counselor for disabled adults

How did you know he was the one? We were working at Roy Rogers the year after high school. I saw him and got goose bumps. But it was more about who he was on the inside. He's a deep thinker. He's slow to anger. He wanted to be part of my life. He's got the greatest smile and the cutest butt; calf muscles to die for. He came down the steps recently, had on jeans and an undershirt with no sleeves, and leaned on the banister, and I was like, "Ahhhh. Take me, I'm yours." He still does it for me.

What's made it last? The truth? The sex is phenomenal. We can't keep our hands off each other. Our children tell us, "Get a room." The older you get, the better it gets. You know more. Your bodies change and you get a bigger bed. And you make sure it doesn't squeak. We're both more patient. There are things I've done I'm not willing to have in print.

Advice? Keep everybody else out of your business. That's huge. If you need counseling, get an impartial person—not someone on his side of the family or one of your girlfriends. When the deal goes down at night, it's just the two of you.

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