Jessica the hippo

Photo: Courtesy of SKY News 

The African Queen
Meet Jessica, the housebroken hippo with a special brand of hedonism: snacks, naps, rubdowns, snacks...and did we mention snacks?
Watch: Jessica, the Hippo
The dancing bear

Photo: J. Stetz/A. Macleod, U.S. Geographic Survey

Bear Necessities
An unreachable itch, an obliging tree, and a hidden camera help answer the age-old question: Does a bear dance in the woods?

Watch: The hilarious dancing bear!
Tarra the Elephant

Photo: Courtesy of CBS News/ 

Made for Each Other
At a Tennessee animal sanctuary, best friends Tarra the elephant and Bella the dog prove that soul mate status is species-blind. 

Watch: The (animal) odd couple
Otters holding hands

Photo: Courtesy of Cynthia Holmes 

Hands On
Sea otters Milo and Nyac of the Vancouver Aquarium link paws, lose their grip, and in a sweet surprise ending, find each other again.
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