Sandra Magsamen, author of Living Artfully, shares fun, creative and artful ways to celebrate the Hanukkah season with your family and friends.
Ask all your guests or family members to write who (and what) fills their world with light. Place the notes in a box to be opened and shared next Hanukkah.

Here's a simple way to create a keepsake box.

More ways to celebrate the Festival of Light

Use candles everywhere for decoration—after all, this is the Festival of Light.

Decorate your walkway or front porch with luminaries cut from paper bags. Cut holes, hearts or stars in the bag, and fill the bottom with sand to help stabilize them.

Continue this homemade feel indoors and create your own menorah.

A simple thank you worth writing down

Send a thank you note to your teacher, friend or co-worker, letting them know how much you appreciate having them in your life. You can make your own Hanukkah-themed stationary.

A great idea for starting a new family tradition

This year, take video of every guest saying, "Happy Hanukkah." Edit them all together digitally (you can use an easy software program) to make a family film.

Add new video to it each year and play it as a family tradition that will always be treasured.

A sweet idea for Hanukkah

Make sugar cookies in the shape of dreidels and invite everyone to decorate them with icing, blue sprinkles and candy balls.

Try some of Chef Spike Mendelsohn's Matzah Recipes or Art Smith's Potato Latkes with Chunky Applesauce.

Invite the neighbors over

Invite someone over who doesn't celebrate the holiday or who might not have any family in town. Share your family and traditions with him or her.

More artful ways to celebrate Hanukkah


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