Doris was kidnapped at gunpoint.

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Doris finally found the courage to kick Jaime out of the house and file a restraining order. In June 2006, she was coming home from work when she noticed something was off. There was a trash can sitting in her driveway and the lights seemed dimmer than normal.

As Doris left her car, she says Jaime rushed toward her and grabbed her arm. "At that point he told me, 'You're coming with me,' And I told him, 'No I'm not. I'm not going with you,'" she says. "I tried to pull away, but then he showed me his gun. At that point I was so scared...I thought he was going to just shoot me."

Doris, who was unarmed, says Jaime forced her into his car and drove her to the small town of Boone, Colorado, where he raped her again.