We love silicone-based lubes like Swiss Navy, Pjur or Amorist because they have no parabens or biocides and they stay slippery for a lot longer than the water-based ones. Attention multitasking ladies: You can also use your silicone lube on your hair (anti-frizz salon products are made of silicone and alcohol), to waterproof your boots or even unstick the lock on your door!

A word to the wise: Avoid anything with glycerin, because glycerin is sugar and may cause a yeast infection (yuck!). Even the most popular water-based lubes contain glycerin, so stick to the ones that are glycerin-free like Sliquid or Hathor. And we're not big fans of lubes with warming ingredients either...some customers have had allergic reactions. Tip: Rub your hands together, and the lube will warm up anyway.


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