Bryan and Jennifer

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While hooked up to the lie detector, Bryan was asked the four questions Jennifer wanted him to answer.

1. Did you ever have sexual intercourse with the other woman while you were married to your wife?

2. Did you or the other woman ever perform oral sex on each other while you were married to your wife?

Bryan answered no to both questions, which the lie detector says is true.

3. Are you still in communication with the other woman?

Bryan said no. "According to the lie detector, Bryan had slight inconsistent physiological reactions, but there were initial indications of truthfulness," Oprah says. "Bryan told the examiner that the other woman had initiated one-way communication via e-mails and phone calls, but you did not respond."

4. Did you ever kiss the other woman on the lips while married to your wife?

Bryan answered no again. "According to the lie detector, there was a presence of inconsistent physiological reactions and the result was inconclusive," Oprah says. "Bryan told the examiner, 'I cannot remember 100 percent if the other woman had kissed me on the cheek while at the Orlando Airport, but no kissing on the lips ever took place.'"

Jennifer is relieved to get these results. "What happened wasn't good—that he saw her without me knowing about it, and he hid that for so many months. But it's good news that it didn't go beyond that," she says. "I've invested so much energy into worrying about what really happened. Now I can focus maybe on other things."

Gary says this is exactly what the test is meant to do. "She doesn't have to be investigating anymore and use all that mental energy to worry about what's happened," he says. "She moves forward now."

And while Bryan's agreeing to take the test is a good sign that he didn't cheat, Gary says the fact that Jennifer was compelled to ask shows there are things they need to work through. "The two of you now need to go forward and talk about your friendship and your time together," he says.