Bear and Cat


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The Asiatic Bear and the Black Cat
The Animal Version
"Two glossy black animals with matching perked-up ears and mellow attitudes...they go halves on meals of raw meat, dead mice and fruit."

The Human Version
They're not sister and brother. But they could be, in some other reality. He has dark hair, dark skin, and dark eyes. So does she. He is fit. So is she. He likes hiking. So does she. She likes margaritas and Russian novels. So does he. When they play softball, they even pitch the same curveball. Critics wonder if it's egoism that binds them together. Romantics wonder if this is an example of the perfect union, one destined down to the genetics.

The two of them, however, know the secret of their success—a love of napping in the sun while everybody else is busy over analyzing what similarities they may or may not need in order to find their so-called other half.