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A One-Kid Game
Recess! It's so perplexing for a kid, figuring out HOW to casually slip into the game of tag or join the group playing "pretend cat family." Things only get more stressful as they get older and they have to deal with other kids playing "smoke the clove behind the gym" or "beat up the Goth." At times, your child will not know what to do at all and may even stand desperately by a chain-link fence praying that nobody notices he has no friends to play with while being quite sure that everybody does notice. This is where giving your child a trick called "do something with your hands" comes in. Show him how to play jacks or make spinning top with a quarter. Give him a few sheets of origami paper and teach him how to fold it into?"the crane." If his schools doesn't allow to toys on the playground—even small, flashy ones that fit in pocket—show him a few basic yoga poses that he can do or teach him how to write a song in his head. The minute he looks busy, as if he doing something interesting and fun all by himself, is right when other kids come over to find out not just what's he's doing but if they can do it with him.