Develop a Creative Connection
Before we had kids or blogs, we had Sisko, our black lab—Rob described him as the snooze button on our biological clocks. Our obsession with Sisko was the subject of great amusement and mockery among our friends, not least because we trained him with Star Trek-themed commands. The Web gave us a place to indulge our shared obsession without (audible) derision: We posted online photos from every dog walk, and when Sisko's ear was torn by a pit bull, we created an online monument to "Siskogh," illustrated with photos we manipulated to look like the famous Van Gogh self-portrait. Whether your creative passions are sparked by dogs, doughnuts or Degas, a shared online project is a terrific way of developing or deepening a creative connection to your sweetie. 

Find New Interests
Some couples are shaken by the divorce of close friends or the disappearance of their favorite restaurant. Our world was rocked by the cancellation of the last Star Trek series. After a few months of groping for new topics of conversation, I happened across an online announcement for a new pottery studio in our neighborhood. We popped by to check it out, and within a matter of weeks our Star Trek conversations were replaced by discussions of throwing and glazing techniques. Use the Web to search your community's events calendar and try at least one new activity together each month.

Play Together
You may think of a Wii gaming system as the dream birthday gift for a 13-year-old boy, but it was also the dream gift for this 37-year-old girl. Rob got me a Wii for my birthday so I could play Dance Dance Revolution, a game I'd loved during a few arcade visits over the years. Much to my surprise and delight, he took to DDR too. Instead of sitting on the sofa with our separate computers, we spent that summer's evenings on our feet, dancing our guts out. The playfulness and physical energy of our dance nights were great for our connection, our health and our passion.

3 more ways the Web can nourish your relationship 


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