Technology and social networking sites have become an integral part of our daily lives, but sometimes they can leave you feeling less connected than ever. Luckily, technology expert Alexandra Samuel has six ways to use the Web to keep you and your love clicking.
"And if you think you're too busy to Twitter, you need to --"

"And if you think you're too busy to Twi --"

"And if you th --"

As Rob typed, the words disappeared in front of his eyes. He tried to continue his blog post, only to see the sentence disappear once more. Finally another message appeared:

"Come to bed!"

From downstairs in our bedroom, I'd taken over the screen on my husband's laptop. His amusement at my technical prowess in messing with him outweighed—marginally—his annoyance. He closed his computer and joined me in our bedroom. 

It's rare for our marriage to go a day offline. The Internet is our shared playground, shared passion and shared livelihood. But what matters to our relationship is not that we both love the Web: It's that we both use the Web to enjoy what we have in common.

Tomorrow marks our 10th wedding anniversary, a major milestone. We've not only outlasted my own parents' marriage (eight years), we've outlasted CD-ROMS, dial-up modems and floppy drives. And while I like to think we'd have made it to the big 10 with or without a high-speed Internet connection, the Web has definitely played a major role in finding and stoking the shared joys that sustain our relationship. 

Here's how the Web can nourish your relationship


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