Step 6: Pay for the school supplies and sports equipment you just bought.

If you need a loan to pay for those expensive new school supplies and sports equipment, start with your left-handed relatives—they might have some extra cash lying around.

Economists at Johns Hopkins and Lafayette College investigated whether handedness affects earnings, with expectation that if it did, it would not turn out well for the lefties. "If left-handedness is associated with poorer health, higher accident rates and lower average cognitive skills, it is natural to expect that these result in lower labor productivity and thereby lower earnings," they wrote. "Left-handed people may be less productive in those occupations which use tools, machines and systems that are designed for right-handers." Somewhat surprisingly, they found that lefties with college educations earned 15 percent more than their fellow right-handed alumni.

On the other hand, the news isn't all good. This left-handed wage boost did not exist for left-handed women. A different study by economists at University College Dublin and University of Warwick found that left-handed women born in 1958 actually earned 5 percent less than right-handed women.

What about teaching them to tie their shoes? Share your tips for raising a left-handed child in the comments section below.

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