Additional Involvement Ideas
  • Participate in PTA's Teacher Appreciation Week by organizing a breakfast or lunch.
  • Get to know your child's teacher by introducing yourself and scheduling a brief meeting.
  • Create a community bulletin board at the school to post information or ideas.
  • Participate in PTA's Take Your Family to School Week, celebrated each February.
  • Participate in American Education Week, sponsored by the National Education Association by visiting the school and classroom.
  • Record yourself reading books onto tapes so children with reading challenges can enjoy them.
  • Host a block meeting at your home with other parents to discuss/share school issues and info.
  • Offer to drive other students/families to school-related events they wouldn't otherwise be able to attend.
  • Invite other parents to join you when you volunteer at school.
  • Join your local PTA.

Whether you spend three hours or three months volunteering in a way that works for you, remember that you're not just helping your child for the school year—you're setting him up for success throughout his entire academic career.

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