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Know How to Play
As in, play a social game for fun, leave obligations behind and have a ball! When I was a kid, my parents told me to pick an instrument and pick a sport. It wasn't about learning how to win or lose or building college application activities, it was about getting me involved in the world, involved with people, building social experiences, building relationships.

A little friendly competition is a wonderful way to cement friendships. So whether it's Texas Hold 'Em, mah-jongg, bunco, Scrabble, darts, bocce or golf, find or start a pick-up game and make it a regular thing. If you've been itching to play music, start a little skiffle band. You don't have to rock a stadium to get satisfaction; playing with friends for friends is where it's at. (Actually, it would be nice if could rock your local old folks' home.)

Short on conventional musicianship? The digital world came to your rescue with the Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games. Short on the game box setup? Low-tech is just as much fun. Obtain a Led Zeppelin record and host an air guitar shred-off. Recruit an air drummer and an air bass player. In short, get the band back together!

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