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Bust a Mood
To have fun, you've got to be fun. Sure, sometimes we are just not "in the mood" to be social, but I know you know how to fake it. And here's the weird part: Scientific research proves that putting a smile on your face will actually conjure the desire to feel like smiling. (And we know that smiling, like yawning, is contagious, so do it.)

So if an impending event is filling your stomach with unsocial butterflies, just interrupt the broadcast with some happy thoughts—your wedding day, one of your epic childhood events or your own children's epic events. Your greatest golf shot, some fantastic trick the dog did that proves his human intelligence and your favorite flavor of ice cream all made into a parfait of pure, unapologetic joy. Even something like, you know, how great your backside looks in your favorite jeans (or your favorite someone else's backside). Hold and concentrate!

If your mind wanders back into negative territory, redirect it back to Happytown. Oh, and remember to wear something colorful that helps pick up the mood and is better than a frowny-neutral gray, black or brown.

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