Send Us Your O Mom Moments!

The Oprah show is creating a judgment-free zone where moms can speak honestly about the reality of motherhood. If you're a mom, grab your camcorder and start videotaping your "mom moments."  Send us your most candid thoughts and confessions!


What do you wish you knew before having children? What do you wish other mothers were talking about openly? What are some of the funniest things you've done as a mom in a crisis? What's your great parenting trick you were always too timid to share?  What's the worst thing you feel that you've done as a mom? Are moms are too judgmental of other moms? How did having children change your sex life? Your marriage? You?

Shooting tips:
Get help! Have a friend or family member hold the camera
Look directly into the camera.
Do not shoot directly into light.
Sit in a well lit area of your home.
Don't wear any tshirts or clothing with prominent sayings or logos on the front.
Make sure to have your hair and makeup done and wear bright colors.
It's ok if your children are around (we prefer it).
After you are done answering the questions shoot your kids playing, etc.

Please only film YOUR children.
State the question in the beginning of your answer.
Answer questions with complete sentences.


Getting started (please state ALL of the below introductions):
1. State ONLY your first name (ie. My name is Kristin).
2. State ONLY how many children you have (ie. I have XXX children).
3. State your first name, where you live and how many children you have.
4. State your first name, if you are married or single and how many children you have.


Please keep your "mom moments" videos less than 2 minutes. Please only respond if you are willing to share your story on and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

If you want to upload your photos or video, please log-in first.

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