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Kembala E.
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

"My labor of love is helping people transform their lives for the better. I'm passionate about helping people achieve goals they never dreamed possible!"

What's your favorite show on OWN?
"Super Soul Sunday"! Oprah has a brilliant way of asking meaningful questions to get guests to open up and share inspiring stories, lessons learned and powerful words of wisdom.

Tell us about yourself.
I'm happily married to my best friend, and we have two young daughters (6 and 9 years old). I've been a financial coach for more than 15 years. I left a comfortable six-figure job to help everyday people turn their finances around.

What's the one item you could not live without?
My mind. Without my mind I could not function at all. It's like having a cell phone without any power source. You can have the most sophisticated smartphone in the world, but without power, it's useless.

Who is your celebrity look-alike?
My friends, family and even complete strangers have told me that I look like Omarosa. While there may be some resemblance, I can assure you we couldn't be more different as people.

What's your hidden talent?
I'm a relationship expert. Yes, there's a little cupid in me that only comes out when someone really needs it. I'm pretty good at helping my friends find love! I help them change their perspectives and give them a few things to do, like make a list of characteristics they want in a mate.

What would the title of your life story be?
Unshakable Faith.

What would the title of your OWN show be?
Own Your Life because I believe it's important to do just that.

Tell us three of your favorite things.
Three of my favorite things are:
  • Books. Being well read and my insatiable thirst for knowledge are essential to personal growth.
  • Saving money. I'm a value shopper with a passion for saving money.
  • Food. I like to eat good food. I even gave up a massage on my honeymoon for a tasty lunch.