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Filiz Y.
Hometown: Izmir, Turkey

"Well...what can I say? I'm a simple person with a simple life. I'm happily married. I am crazy about teaching and my students, who are like my kids. I enjoy savoring a cup of coffee or tea in the mornings, and I love to observe the world around and the world within me. There's nothing more beautiful than a smile on a person's face...so I'll do everything to help people get that smile."

What is your favorite OWN show?
I really enjoy "Super Soul Sunday." It's like a breath of fresh air swooping into my soul on an autumn breeze. Each time I watch it, I feel energized and feel stronger facing the world.

What is your biggest fear?
I used to be afraid of the dark, and I feared confrontation. I've already pretty much overcome my fear of the dark, and I am on my path to healing on the confrontation front. :D

What are you proudest of?
I am proud of all the students I helped during my career. In a way, I have been the secret innovator, the engine behind the scenes, to help give them a better life. Some of those children had no hope, received no love, were abused or weren't allowed to go to high school and so on. I am proud of my students when I see them all grown up and having a better life.

What is something you would like to learn?
I'd love to learn how to play the guitar, go paragliding and go scuba diving. As for languages, I'd love to learn Italian and Japanese.

What are you particularly bad at that your friends tease you about?
I learned German when I was in high school. It's been a long time, of course (you do the math). So the conversation with my German friend will turn into half German and half the other language. They end up teasing me a lot. :D

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
I am definitely not a morning person. All my life, I have struggled to start the day at an early time. But when I do wake up rested, I stretch, smile and pray to God for a good day. I enjoy watching the sea in the mornings for a brief moment from my window, even when I am busy. Also, my cat is always eagerly waiting for me to wake up and give her a belly rub and kiss. She curls up like a baby in my arms, anticipating the love and affection and, of course, food afterward.

What are your three favorite things?
(1) Teaching. As a teacher, I am always in awe to see miracles happen with my kids. (2) I just love getting out of the city to stay in my family's vacation house near the Aegean Sea. (3) I am addicted to Oprah.com!