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Byron D.
Hometown: Columbus, Georgia

"I am a young man in college, I enjoy reading , and I'm very outgoing."

What are your three favorite things?
My three favorite things are watching OWN, traveling and shopping.

What would your superpower be?
My superpower would be to make others have a good day.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
The first thing I do when I wake up is listen to inspirational music and have a moment of silence before my day starts.

What is the last thing you do before you go to bed?
The last thing I do before I go to bed is shut down everything, listen to some soft music and reflect on my day.

What is your favorite OWN show?
Oprah's Next Chapter is one of my favorite OWN shows.

What is the one item you can't live without, and why?
My iPad. My iPad is what I have O magazine and my Bible downloaded on. Everywhere I go, my iPad is with me.

What do you like to do that most people dislike?
I enjoy listening to alternative music, such as Christian music. Most people my age really don't care for that genre.

What are you proudest of?
I am proudest of overcoming foster care and becoming successful and independent.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
My biggest pet peeve is disorganization. I'm a well-organized person. I like being prepared at all times.

What would you like to learn to do?
I would like to learn how to start my own business one day, which would be to start a private home for less-fortunate children.

What are you particularly bad at that your friends tease you about?
I'm particularly bad at tweeting. It sounds funny, but I don't tweet or Facebook like most people do. I just post things to uplift, nothing really regarding me.