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Shar M.

<b>Shar M.</b><br>

Bangkok, Thailand, and grew up in Victoria, Australia (Indian by heritage) <br><br>

<i>I was born in Thailand, of Indian heritage, and have lived and worked in Australia, as well as the Far and Middle East. I operated the largest group of spas in Thailand before opening my own property in Abu Dhabi. Back in Australia, I run three successful businesses centered around Business Mastermind Groups, Business Mentoring and editingan online business-focused magazine. My goal is to open an orphanage in Thailand in 2016. </i>


<b>What are your 3 favorite things? </b><br>

My 3 favorite things are: <br>

1) Helping people find their purpose in life, as I believe we have One Life, One Purpose! (Also, the name of my upcoming book :-) 2) Connecting people authentically from the heart, and this only happens when we connect based on "Y" we do what we do, not "what" we do, and I do this through my work on sharmoore.com.au, as connections made from a Y base come from the heart, whereas connections made on a what basis come from the head. 3) Spending time around the family dinner table, listening and watching my kids interact with each other and reminiscing about the trouble they used to get up to when we lived overseas. I know so much more about them now!!


<b>What would your superpower be? </b><br>

My superpower is to help people find their true purpose in life and assist them in turning their passion into profit through my mentoring program and workshops. If I had a superpower, I would make every person I meet see the genius zone inside them and stop letting past hurts and fears stop them from standing tall on their stage of life. I even have my own superpower character, as I ask everyone I meet for the first time Y they do what they do, so I am known as the YWoman! (I need a cape now!)


<b>What is the first thing you do when you wake up? </b><br>

Before my eyes are open, I acknowledge my achievements in life so far and remind myself how grateful I am that I am a wife, mum to three children, one grandchild, am an author, speaker and mentor and remind myself that just three years ago I was facing bankruptcy and now have a thriving business. I cherish all the beautiful people in my life and say affirmations in my head, about how I want the day to be, before my feet even touch the ground! Oh yes, all this followed closely by checking Facebook and Twitter&hellip;


<b>What is the last thing you do before you go to bed? </b><br>

Okay, I must admit, I work in bed&hellip; I know, I know&hellip; but when you are opening an orphanage in Thailand in a few years, every minute counts! So I do work all hours at the moment, doing what I love to do and the very last thing before I go to sleep I will chat with my husband about something great that happened today and he will massage my head until I fall asleep. I'm one lucky lady being married to my best friend for nearly 22 years.


<b>What is your favorite OWN show? </b><br>

I couldn't choose, I love them all, but if I had to pick one I would say <i>Super Soul Sunday</i>. I love Oprah's shows because she is congruent on and off TV and is so authentic I can relate to her just being her. I see myself in her and one day wish to be the Oprah or Shar-prah of Australia! Y not? If you can dream it you can have it, and I'm dreaming all the time!


<b>What is the one item you can't live without and why? </b><br>

My family. They mean everything to me. And an item would be my lipstick. You never know who you might meet around the next corner!


<b>Who is your hero? </b><br>

I have many�heroes and mentors in my life and some are globally famous like Oprah and some are just a few steps ahead of me. I don't�believe in elevating anyone up to a higher status, however, I hugely respect my mentors for the brave steps they have taken and times they have picked themselves up from the bathroom floor at�2 in the morning and follow them closely. I love Debra Lee-Furness, and her work with orphans.�


<b>What do you like that most people dislike? </b><br>

I like chili for breakfast and I don't think many people would like that! I am Indian after all&hellip;.


<b>What would you like to learn to do?</b><br>

Sing&hellip;. Even my shower singing is bad!


<b>What are you particularly bad at that your friends tease you about? </b><br>

Not much really, but I guess they always laugh at my saying that I want things done yesterday and even then, that's too late!