Vito Cammisano's Coming Out Story: "I Have Been So Fortunate to Be Loved Even More"

Ten days before reporting to the St. Louis Rams' 2014 training camp, Michael Sam, the first openly gay player drafted into the National Football League, is spending some downtime in Kansas City with the family of his longtime boyfriend Vito Cammisano. "I started dating Vito our junior year [of college]," Michael says. "So I've known Vito's parents for the past three years. I consider Vito as my family, and therefore his family is my family."

While helping his mother cook a family recipe, Vito reflects on how he came out to his traditional, Catholic, Italian family. Although he was out at the University of Missouri, Vito says he didn't come out to his family right away. "I was kind of living a double life," he says.

Finally, one night after dinner, Vito told his parents he is gay. Watch as Vito and his mother, share an emotional moment together. Plus, she has to say to parents who have a hard time accepting their children are gay.

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Published 12/27/2014
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