Now 33-years-old, Ramone Dickerson was 9 when he discovered food and cooking. A junior Master Chef before his time, Ramone has always had a passion for the kitchen.

Raised in Irmo, South Carolina, a middle-class suburb of Columbia, Ramone grew up believing he could do anything. The youngest son of a banker and a schoolteacher, he initially had dreams of being a garbage man, because of the cool truck. Despite having played football and doubling as a cheerleader in high school, Ramone surprised no one when he decided to major in theatre in college. Which is what he did at Francis Marion University until he dropped out to form a band.

Regardless of the multiple directions his life has taken him the one constant has always been food, having always worked in a restaurant in some capacity. Flavor combinations come naturally to him, and he has an endless curiosity about different cuisines and dishes. Even now his second job is teaching cooking classes at the Columbia branch of Charleston Cooks. Ramone teaches amateurs how to cook anything from Moroccan cuisine to Chocolate Souffl├ęs. His classes are popular and Ramone has developed a following that he hopes will translate one day into bigger crowds for 2 Fat 2 Fly.


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