Mary was born during the Great Depression to a large Italian family that could not really afford another child, but welcomed her with open arms. Growing up in the Bronx in the 1940s and 50s was a magical time for Mary. The neighborhood was alive and that's where Mary learned of life and love. Mary also played a role in raising her twin sisters Josie and Teresa and remembers the day they were born and what a surprise they were to her father. "No one was expecting twins!" Mary, now widowed, met her beloved Jack there before moving out west to the San Fernando Valley in California. Mary has two sons, four grandsons and one great-granddaughter who she loves with all her heart. When not at the salon touching up the hairdos of her surviving client list, Mary is preparing for her next trip to the casinos. Mary believes that one of the greatest joys in life is eating and the thought of dying on an empty stomach sickens her: "You'd be stupid to die on a diet."

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