The youngest of three children, 29-year-old Corey Simmons has always been independent. Raised in Irmo, South Carolina by his college basketball coach dad and schoolteacher mom, Corey was a latchkey kid who regularly made his own food—grits are his specialty. Although he's younger than Ramone, Corey feels that he is an old soul. Where Ramone is the unrepentant dreamer, Corey is more the realist. Corey has always been the guy who knows what he wants, which has helped when creating a partnership with the scattered mind of Ramone.

Given his height (6'5"), you'd expect Corey to have a basketball career. Corey's father was the assistant coach of the South Carolina State University basketball team, having previously coached Patrick Ewing at Georgetown. All through high school, his father pre-ordained Corey to play for him when he graduated—to the point of telling scouts not to even bother looking at him. Corey wanted to major in Athletic Training, which SCS didn't offer, so he told his dad he wasn't going to play for him. It's a decision he knows was the right one, even though it disappointed his dad. Since family is the number one priority for Corey, his 2 Fat family can always count on him to keep everybody grounded when things get out-of-hand.


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