Is there life after Trading Spaces? What really happened when the Trading Spaces designers and the camera crew left town? The Best of Trading Spaces is a look back at this classic hit television series that launched a multitude of home design and makeover shows. Hosted by Paige Davis, the series revisits some of the most memorable, iconic and beloved Trading Spaces episodes and includes brand new never-before-seen exclusive video updates from the homeowners to see how their rooms and lives have changed since their Trading Spaces makeovers.

For a selected group of handpicked homeowners, Paige personally travels back to the scene where homeowners turn the tables on Paige and they get the chance to surprise her with their own Trading Spaces reveal. Did they keep the room just like it was? Did they completely change it from ceiling to floor? Or did they move and take it with them? Our cameras are there to capture this first time update while Paige gets the real story behind their Trading Spaces experience and even discovers people who redesigned their new homes to look exactly like their Trading Spaces homes.

Some of the popular episodes the series will feature include iconic and viewer favorites like "Feathers, Feathers, Feathers" when designer Hildi literally covered an entire bedroom in feathers, to the classic "Beanie Baby" episode and the historical first-time ever a designer didn't complete their room makeover. This is your chance to go back and see what the homeowners really felt coming into a half-designed room. In addition, one episode will feature Trading Spaces bad boy designer Doug Wilson who, for the first time, travels back to his family's farm in Illinois to check on changes to the two rooms he designed for his brothers and reports back to Paige in the studio.

The Best of Trading Spaces will include Paige's personal behind-the-scenes anecdotes, exclusive never-before-seen footage plus our homeowners will tell us what they were REALLY thinking when they "opened their eyes" for the always dramatic reveals.

The Best of Trading Spaces is an entertaining look back at this celebrated program and an often-surprising look forward to see how it has changed the lives of many of its homeowner participants across the country.


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