Daisy Fuentes, Nancy O'Dell and Carson Kressley

This week on Your OWN Show, the teams must write, direct and edit a commercial for Kohl’s.  Former MTV host and fashion designer Daisy Fuentes stops by to guide the contestants and take part in their segments. 
Elizabeth, Kristina and Terey

On Team Vision, Terey and Elizabeth make it very clear they want to be in front of the camera, leaving Kristina to be the executive producer. 
Daisy Fuentes, Ryan, Alicia and Zach


On Team Focus, Ryan and Alicia are at odds over who should be leading their team. Ryan wants Alicia to be the executive producer because the assignment is all about deadlines and time management.  However, Alicia points out that since the commercial is to sell women’s clothing, a woman should be in the TV spot. In an effort to appease Ryan, Alicia agrees to assume the dual role of executive producer and commercial actress.  
Kristina runs the Team Vision set

Once the teams arrive on set, they immediately get to work. Kristina is out of her element, but she starts to adapt to the role of running a set. Terey shines as a commercial actress, but Elizabeth continues to challenge Kristina’s authority. Kristina, realizing how important the interview with Daisy will be, tries to redirect Elizabeth to work on her questions. 

On Team Focus, Alicia struggles in front of the camera, while Ryan and Zach split the duties of director.

The next day, both teams, having finished their commercials, start gearing up for their interviews with Daisy. On Focus, Alicia and Ryan decide that Zach should capitalize on his unique personality for the interview. On Vision, Elizabeth and Kristina are at odds with their line of questioning. Elizabeth shuts down Kristina’s input by reminding her of all her experience conducting interviews as a reporter.
Zach and Daisy Fuentes

During rehearsal, Zach attempts to show his more serious side as an interviewer, while Elizabeth tries to capitalize on her connection to Daisy as a Latina woman in the television industry.


In the end, both teams meet with the judges to find out which team came out on top and which aspiring host will be sent home. Carson, Nancy and Daisy decide that Team Vision didn't live up to the challenge. Kristina and Elizabeth are in the bottom two, but ultimately the judges decide to send Elizabeth home.