Curtis Stone

The competition heats up as the seven remaining aspiring hosts produce a cooking segment with chef Curtis Stone.
Team Vision preps their segment

The pressure is on Kristina, the only cook left in the competition, to serve up a win for Team Vision.  Elizabeth struggles to effectively lead as executive producer, accusing Terey and Kristina of forming an alliance. 
Zach is Team Focus' Executive Producer

Team Focus decides to use their weak culinary skills to their advantage by electing an apprehensive Tony as their first-time host with Ryan, co-hosting the segment under Zach’s leadership. 
Kristina and Terey get to work in the kitchen


The teams head to Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Los Angeles for a cooking lesson with a master chef. In Team Vision's kitchen, Terey and Kristina sauté their way through Curtis Stone's recipe for Prosciutto Wrapped Pork Tenderloin in a Caper Sage Sauce. Upon Elizabeth's return from grocery shopping, the team loses sight of the segment, struggling to define who has creative control—Elizabeth, the executive producer, or Kristina, the aspiring on-camera cook. 
Curtis Stone helps Tony in the kitchen


In the Team Focus kitchen, Tony and Ryan are starting from scratch, lacking the basic skills to learn their recipe, Char-Grilled Salmon over Greek Salad.  As their master chef takes them through the steps, Tony is feeling the heat, fumbling his way through the meal.  
Terey, Christina and Curtis Stone


Back at the OWN Studios stage, the teams head to rehearsal.  For Team Vision, Elizabeth dominates the rehearsal with a lot of explanation while Kristina and Terey try to actually practice the cooking element of the segment. 
Tony, Curtis Stone and Ryan


On Team Focus, Zach comes up with a plan to have Curtis lead Tony through the cooking of their dish, but Tony resists any responsibility as a participating host in the segment. 
Tony Roach

Only one team dishes out the best cooking segment on stage, and the judges decide that Team Vision did a better job. Ryan and Tony are in the bottom two and each interview Curtis one-on-one. After much deliberation, the judges tell Tony that they will not be producing his show.