Arsenio Hall, Nancy O'Dell and Carson Kressley

This week on Your OWN Show, the contestants are tasked with producing a late-night talk show segment. The teams must include an opening monologue and an accompanying interview with this week’s guest mentor, the legendary late-night host Arsenio Hall. Arsenio informs the teams that they’ll be heading to the world-famous Laugh Factory to work with a professional comedian to help prepare for their segment.  Carson tells both teams the importance of stepping up this week and putting the right person in the Executive Producer role. 
Team Focus elects their leader


As Team Focus enters their production office, Tony eagerly lets his team know that he has no problem taking on the Executive Producer duties and believes Ryan and Zach should be on camera since they are the funniest.  
Team Vision

Over on Team Vision, Terey struggles with the decision to become Executive Producer, instead of being on-camera talent, and Aunt Flora insists on interviewing Arsenio Hall.
Team Focus

While over at the Laugh Factory prepping their segments, Tony pulls the rug out from under Ryan by taking him off of on-camera talent and delegating Alicia as the interviewer.
Team Vision


On Team Vision, back at the production office, tension builds between Aunt Flora and Terey. Aunt Flora feels that Terey is being overbearing and not listening to her ideas.
Team Vision interviews Arsenio Hall

The next day at OWN Studios, both teams get right into rehearsal. Tony from Team Focus is completely lost in rehearsal, asking Ryan to step in and help with the EP duties, while Aunt Flora from Team Vision seems uncomfortable and out of her element in the interview chair.
Teams Vision and Focus go in front of the judges


After each team puts on their show—with the opposing team acting as their live audience—both teams sit in front of the judges to await their fate, wondering if Tony’s last minute switch or Terey’s big gamble will pay off.
Aunt Flora


Team Focus is named the winner of this challenge, and Team Vision's Terey and Aunt Flora are in the bottom two. Each has a chance to interview Arsenio Hall one-on-one. In the end, the judges feel that Aunt Flora isn’t ready to host her own show.