The remaining Your OWN Show contestants

This week on Your OWN Show, Nancy and Carson inform the teams that they will be producing makeover segments. The teams light up at this assignment, but Carson reminds them that it's not just about producing a great makeover—it's also about producing a compelling segment that tells the story of their makeover subjects.

However, they will not be alone in this endeavor. Fashion icon Vera Wang is introduced as their guest mentor. Upon hearing her name, Ryan cannot contain his excitement. Kristina's face turns red, Aunt Flora is completely floored and even Alicia is showing some emotion. 

Team Focus heads to their production office all fired up to bring home another win, while Team Vision sets their sights on trying to redeem themselves after last week's heartbreaking loss. Ryan eagerly volunteers to lead Team Focus and receives no objections from his teammates.

On Team Vision, Kristina decides that she wants to take a stab at leading her team. However, Elizabeth seems to be having a huge issue with taking a backseat to Kristina.

After ambushing their makeover subjects, the teams head out to Kohl's to shop for new outfits and then to the Ken Paves Salon for new hairdos.

The next day, back at OWN Studios, the teams gear up for their rehearsals. Team Focus's rehearsal starts off a little bumpy. Eric and Alicia are both going a little over the time limit. Team Vision's rehearsal goes more smoothly than it had the previous week. During their rehearsal, Kristina has the idea to interview Ken Paves in their segment, and he happily agrees to it. 

Team Focus winds up producing a dramatic makeover, but Eric's stumbles cost his team valuable time in their segment. With their hearts set on redemption, Team Vision works together to produce an impressive segment.

Later, onstage, both teams face the judges. Ryan and Eric are in the bottom two, and are tasked with interviewing Vera Wang one-on-one. When Eric focuses his interview on the elimination instead of Vera’s area of expertise, the judges decide he is not ready to move forward in the competition. Eric is the second contestant to hear the dreaded words, "We will not be producing your show."