Who Almost Beat Out Henry Winkler for the Role of the Fonz?

Season 4 Episode 408
Aired on 11/09/2014 | CC tv-14
It's a role that defined a career and landed a leather jacket in the Smithsonian Institution. Although fans of the hit sitcom Happy Days probably couldn't imagine anyone other than Henry Winkler as Arthur "the Fonz" Fonzarelli, Henry almost lost the part to Micky Dolenz, the Monkees' singer and drummer.

Now, from his California home, Micky reflects on the part that got away. "It was me and Henry Winkler for the Fonz. And, obviously, he was the Fonz, and he was wonderful," Micky says. "But he does tell the story of going to the callback, and I was there, and he said, 'Oh, Micky Dolenz is here. I'll never get it.'"

Watch as Micky shares how Henry was a much better Fonz than he would have been.

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