Oprah reveals her childhood abuse, 1986

Oprah Reveals Childhood Sexual Abuse
On November 10, 1986, while doing a show with sexual abuse victims and their molesters, Oprah revealed to her audience that she was raped by a relative when she was 9 years old.

Since this show, Oprah has become an adovcate for sexual abuse survivors and devoted hundreds of shows to the topic. These shows helped put child predators behind bars, raised parents' awareness and gave victims a voice.

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Oprah wheels out the wagon of fat, 1988

Oprah Wheels Out the Wagon of Fat
After years of dieting, Oprah stepped out onto the stage on November 15, 1988, whipped off an oversized coat and revealed her size 10, 145-pound figure! She also wheeled out a wagon filled with 67 pounds of fat, which represented the weight she'd lost.

"I'd saved a pair of Calvin Klein jeans from my days of working in Baltimore, and my goal was to get back into those jeans," Oprah later said.
Truddi Chase with Oprah in 1990

Truddi Chase: The Woman with 92 Personalities
Truddi Chase had an unimaginable childhood. She was sexually abused by her stepfather beginning when she was just 2 years old, and as a result of the ongoing trauma, she split into 92 distinct personalities. Truddi shared her unforgettable story and tragic childhood memories with Oprah on May 21, 1990.

"[My personalities and I] all remember different sections," Truddi said. "Multiplicity keeps you sane under the worst conditions. I am sane; we are sane. Believe it or not, it's easier to deal with than the abuse was."

Jacqui Saburido, before and after her accident

Jacqui Saburido's Story
When she was 19 years old, Jacqui Saburido was hit by a drunk driver in a horrific accident that killed two of her friends and left Jacqui with third-degree burns on nearly 60 percent of her body. After more than 40 surgeries, Jacqui remained disfigured but appeared on The Oprah Show on November 25, 2003, to share her struggle, strength and inspiration.

"[She is] a woman who defines 'survival'," Oprah said.

Dr. Oz talks about poop on The Oprah Show in 2005

Dr. Oz Gives Us the Scoop on Poop
How's your stool?

That's the question Dr. Oz had everyone asking themselves after his appearance on The Oprah Show on May 3, 2005. When a viewer named Maureen told him that her bowel movements looked like tiny marbles, Dr. Oz delved into the details about what a person's poop should look like and sound like!

"If it sounds like a bombardier, you know, 'plop, plop, plop,' that's not right because it means you're constipated. It means the food is too hard by the time it comes out. It should hit the water like a diver from Acapulco hits the water [swoosh]," he explained. "It should be an S shape and you want to make sure the color's normal, because the color of the poop tells you a lot about how you made it."

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Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch, 2005

Tom Cruise Jumps for Joy
On May 23, 2005, Hollywood leading man Tom Cruise couldn't contain his excitement over his relationship with actress Katie Holmes. While telling Oprah about Katie—the woman he married one year later—Tom leapt onto the couch and proclaimed his love!

Tom talks about life, love and fatherhood

Terry McMillan confronts her gay ex-husband, 2005

Terry McMillan Confronts Her Gay Ex-Husband
After a whirlwind romance, six years of marriage and both a book and movie about their relationship—How Stella Got Her Groove Back—Terry McMillan's husband dropped a bombshell...he was gay. Their breakup turned into a volley of heated accusations delivered through the media—until the two came face-to-face on The Oprah Show on November 9, 2005.

Five years later, has Terry forgiven Jonathan?

Oprah confronts James Frey, 2006

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios

Oprah Confronts James Frey
On January 6, 2006, author James Frey returned to face Oprah and the world in an effort to separate fact from fiction in his book A Million Little Pieces. During the taping, James discussed false claims made in this personal memoir.

Kirstie Alley in a bikini, 2006

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios

Kirstie Alley's Bikini Reveal
Actress Kirstie Alley found herself in the midst of a very public weight loss battle in the early 2000s. At the time, she tipped the scales at 200 pounds. But, after many months of hard work and grueling sessions with her trainer, the fabulously funny actress danced onto Oprah's stage on November 6, 2006, in a sexy cranberry bikini, shocking millions of viewers.

Kirstie takes the stage in a sexy swimsuit

Mackenzie Phillips announces incest, 2009

Mackenzie Phillips Exposes Her Family Secret
During an emotional, headline-making interview, former child star Mackenzie Phillips revealed a family secret she said she'd been keeping for 31 years. On September 23, 2009, Mackenzie broke her silence and said she had an incestuous relationship for 10 years with her father, rock legend John Phillips.

Mackenzie opens up about incest

Oprah announces her final season, 2009

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Oprah Announces Her Final Season
On November 20, 2009, during a live episode of The Oprah Show, Oprah announced her plans to end the show in 2011 after 25 years on the air.

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Hugh Jackman zip lines in Australia

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios

Hugh Jackman's Headline-Making Entrance
It was the zip line heard around the world. When Oprah and 300 Ultimate Viewers went on their adventure Down Under, Aussie actor Hugh Jackman was set to soar over the crowd at the Sydney Opera House—but, despite a flawless rehearsal, things didn't go as planned.

"The brake was stopping so quick [in rehearsal]," he recalled. "So, I'm coming down, and I see everyone ... I see you, and I went, 'Probably time to brake now. Oh, it's not going to stop.' Bang! Totally my bad."

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Oprah and her half sister Patricia

Photo: George Burns/Harpo Studios

Oprah Introduces Her Half Sister
Just before Thanksgiving 2010, Oprah received some news about her family. After months of keeping a "bombshell family secret" to herself, Oprah revealed that she had a sibling and introduced the world to her half sister Patricia on January 24, 2011.

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