Dr. Oz talks about poop on The Oprah Show in 2005

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Dr. Oz Gives Us the Scoop on Poop
How's your stool?

That's the question Dr. Oz had everyone asking themselves after his appearance on The Oprah Show on May 3, 2005. When a viewer named Maureen told him that her bowel movements looked like tiny marbles, Dr. Oz delved into the details about what a person's poop should look like and sound like!

"If it sounds like a bombardier, you know, 'plop, plop, plop,' that's not right because it means you're constipated. It means the food is too hard by the time it comes out. It should hit the water like a diver from Acapulco hits the water [swoosh]," he explained. "It should be an S shape and you want to make sure the color's normal, because the color of the poop tells you a lot about how you made it."

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