Curtis Is Furious After JoAnn Swindles Him

Season 1 Episode 104
CC | tv-pg
Curtis purchased the family laundromat from his cousin JoAnn to bring in some easy income during his retirement with Ella. As it turns out, the business isn't making a penny. When Curtis confronts his cousin, she admits she may have embellished on a few details.

"You told me that laundromat made $8,000 a month," Curtis says, staring down JoAnn.

"Well, it did," JoAnn says.


"One month back in 1987. It was after the hurricane. There were no other laundromats working. We were doing business round the clock!"

JoAnn tries to assure him that the laundromat just needs a little love, but Curtis knows he's been duped. "You know what the last word in cousins is?" Curtis asks. "'Sins.' Which is what I'm about to commit."

Can JoAnn ever smooth things over with her hopping-mad cousin?

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