Oprah & Fantasia Barrino

Season 1 Episode 102
Aired on 01/13/2024 | CC tv-pg
Available until 03/11/2024
In the second episode of this three-part series, Oprah welcomes Grammy award-winning singer and Golden Globe nominee Fantasia to talk about her feature film debut as Celie in the reimagination of the classic film, The Color Purple. In this emotional conversation, Fantasia shares the personal inspiration behind her portrayal and how her character empowered her to heal her own past trauma. Oprah and Fantasia celebrate the sisterhood of the women at the heart of the story and the new dimension to Shug and Celie's relationship. Fantasia explains how she learned the power of forgiveness through her role and why she believes women, men and families will be healed by watching The Color Purple.