How Pastor John Gray Relates to a Woman Who Is "Self-Sabotaging"

Season 1 Episode 107
Aired on 05/27/2017 | CC tv-pg
When John meets Stephanie, a woman who says she's "self-sabotaging" when it comes to her weight and self-esteem, her struggle touches him on a personal level.

"When I read the information, I was like, 'This one, I can relate to,'" John says.

An aspiring child psychologist, Stephanie confides in John about how, as a child, she felt unimportant when her parents divorced, which ultimately led her to engage in unhealthy eating habits. "I didn't feel like it was my fault, but I felt like it didn't matter that it hurt me," Stephanie says, admitting she turned to food to medicate her pain since the divorce.

In this moment, John helps Stephanie get to the bottom of her self-sabotaging behavior—and points to a possible way forward.

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