Pastor John Gray on Writing Letters to His Late Father: It's for Me and My Son

Season 1 Episode 101
Aired on 04/15/2017 | CC tv-pg
Pastor John Gray was only 4 years old when his parents got divorced and his father left. After that, John only saw his dad a handful of times growing up. Still, John forgave his father on his deathbed for not being there, and says he still strives to make his father proud.

"When my father died, we were just starting to re-establish our relationship," John says. "So, I write letters to him to let him know how I'm doing. I know he can't read them. It's not for him; it's for me. It's also for my son one day to read about how I honored and revered my father even though he wasn't there."

In an emotional moment, John opens up about his father and the meaning of legacy.

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