Aventer's Parents Move In

Season 1 Episode 101
Aired on 04/15/2017 | CC tv-pg
Pastor John Gray and his wife, Aventer, along with their children, John "Four" W. Gray IV and Theory "Tutu" Aspyn-Sky Gray, are anticipating the arrival of Aventer's parents, A.Y. and Bonnie. John and Aventer have decided it's time for her parents to move in with them so they can look after them—with the welcome side benefit of having free live-in babysitters. Aventer is not only a busy wife and mom but also the director of the Dance Ministry at Lakewood Church, not to mention John's manager and schedule keeper, and the Grays need all the help they can get, and are thankful for it.

Here, the family excitedly welcomes Grandma and Poppy to their home, with Four and Tutu leading the charge.

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