A Songwriter Struggles to Find Inspiration After Her Son's Death

Season 1 Episode 107
Aired on 05/27/2017 | CC tv-pg
John and Aventer meet with a group of women who are all still struggling to find joy and happiness after losing loved ones to gun violence. One of the women is Liz, a mother whose 20-year-old, unarmed son was murdered after a verbal altercation.

"Liz is a singer who lost her son tragically to gun violence, and I wanted her to write a song about her baby," says John, who challenged Liz to channel her grief through her music.

However, Liz confesses that she's overcome with anxiety when the time comes to express how she feels, and she is unable to find the words. "Trying to come up with just wasn't coming," Liz says.

Here, John reassures her that he will do whatever he can to help her release her creativity so that she can begin to heal.

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