Wyatt Opens Up to Jeffery About the Prison Assault

Season 2 Episode 223
Aired on 09/08/2015 | CC tv-14
Exasperated by Wyatt's continued ill-treatment, Jeffery asks him why he keeps leaning on him if he thinks so little of him. When Wyatt declares that it's because Jeffery is his friend, Jeffery makes an ultimatum: Wyatt must accept that Jeffery is gay and stop holding him in such contempt. Jeffery shut his mother out, and he has no problems walking away from Wyatt as well.

Chastened by his friend's principled stance, Wyatt finds the courage to open up to him about the sexual assault he endured in prison. Jeffery can't believe that Wyatt's father, Jim, would allow this to happen—but Wyatt can.

"He never cared about me," Wyatt says. "Jeffery, it was at that moment that I realized I have to care for myself."

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