Will Wyatt Do Something He'll Regret?

Season 5 Episode 510
CC | tv-14
Wyatt has been trying to stay clean since his last overdose nearly killed him. Now, with his sobriety counselor gone and Jeffery in jail, he finds himself alone with a pocket full of cash. He sits down at a bar to order a shot of liquor and asks the bartender for something harder.

Vinny Malone approaches Wyatt and tells him to meet him in the restroom. After making sure it's empty, he asks Wyatt what he's looking for. "You got coke?" Wyatt asks, producing a stack of hundreds.

Vinny thumbs through the bills, satisfied, and hands Wyatt a small brick of cocaine. "Put my number in your phone," he says before walking out. "Whatever you need, I got it. I deliver."

Alone again, Wyatt gives his reflection a long, hard look in the dirty bathroom mirror. He's gone down this road before—will he do it again?