Wyatt Begs His Father to Get Him Out of Prison

Season 2 Episode 221
Aired on 08/25/2015 | CC tv-14
After threatening the guard who was on duty during Wyatt's assault, Jim demands to see his son. Wyatt desperately begs his father to get him out of prison. Jim plays hardball, telling his son he's only there for a visit, while a panic-stricken Wyatt clings to his father. Wyatt swears he will not longer use drugs and that he won't tell the District Attorney anything else.

"Don't leave me," Wyatt pleads.

"I'll be back," Jim says.

After leaving the cellblock, Jim falls apart. He was determined to maintain his resolve in front of Wyatt, but now that he's alone, Jim can no longer hold back the tears after seeing what's become of his son.

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